Pork Floss Mini Spring Rolls

Looking up for what to prepare during Chinese New Year, it is a time of the year where all relatives and friends come together do some home visiting. Of course other than catching up with each other during the home visit, snacks and desserts are unavoidable.

This year I'm thinking of making something different. Of course nian gao is always a MUST during this spring festival. I plan to make this pork floss mini spring rolls. You can make use chicken floss if you prefer, or make your own floss. I did have a plan in mind to make my own floss but not this round.

As I'm running out of time, so I just grab the ready made pork floss from supermarket. I will keep the making of pork floss for next round. Hehe.... It's pretty easy and simple. No mess No fuss!

But just be caution that if you have kids at home, try to keep away from their reach before the arrival of spring festival. If not, you shall have to make them all again as this pork floss mini spring rolls is a bit addictive after taking one, you will end up finish the whole of it especially while watching tv. I'm actually talking about myself! Haha...


20g pork floss

8 pieces spring roll wrappers

1 egg (lightly beaten)

Oil for deep frying


1. Cut each spring roll into 4 pieces of small square spring roll.

2. Steam the spring roll for a second before you start wrapping. This step helps to give you a crispy pork floss mini spring roll no matter how long you kept it.

3. Place the spring roll wrapper on a flat surface, put 1 tsp of pork floss at the center of the wrapper.

4. Fold in the sides and roll it up lightly. Brush a bit of beaten egg to seal it.

5. After finish wrapping all the pork floss mini spring roll, heat up the wok with 15 tbsp of oil for deep frying.

6. Fry them once the oil is hot! Very fast the mini spring rolls are fried. So be attentive when you deep fry it else it will be burnt. Place them on a kitchen towel to remove the excess oil.

7. Keep it in a air-tight container if you plan to keep for long, so that the crispiness will be preserved until the day you served to your visitors.


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