Sweet Nian Gao

During spring festival, we always wish a new year with new beginning. Starts with something sweet so you can always have sweet memories.

There are many types of desserts served during this festival. Nian Gao is one of them, but how to make into desserts? Don't worried, I'm sharing some authentic Chinese styles of making nian gao.

Don't get it wrong! The method to make nian gao is only one, but the way to bake it, fry it, or steam it are many different ways that we can enjoy! Here you go....

1.Nian Gao With Coconut

2.Taro Wrapped Nian Gao Rolls

Nian Gao With Coconut

120g coconut
1/4 tsp salt
1 nian gao (cut it and steamed it)

1. Steam the nian gao and then cool it a bit until medium heat.

2. Place the coconut and salt on a bowl. Mix them well.

3. Get a teaspoon to scoop up the steamed nian gao and place it on the coconut to let the coconut stick on it.

1. Nian gao too hot very sticky and hard to make round scoop. So, wait for a while to let the nian gao cool down a bit.
2. Nian gao will be harden after it is totally cool down.


Taro Wrapped Nian Gao Rolls

I have leftover nian gao during Chinese New Year, I wanted to make something different from the previous nian gao recipe. So, I decided to mix with taro (known as yam) and deep fried it.

Nian gao is made from two main ingredients, glutinous rice flour and white sugar. Simple? Haha... But the heat while cooking it is very important! Always maintain at the same level of heat.

300g taro (yam)
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
spring roll wrapper


1. Slice the taro into thin slices for steaming. Then smashed it like the picture above. Seat aside.

2. Slice the nian gao into 2 inch length for wrapping purposes.

3. Place the taro on the spring roll wrapper and then place a piece of sliced nian gao. Cover the nian gao with a thin layer of taro again. Then wrap it.

4. After finish wrapping, deep fried them. Served HOT! Crispy and crunchy!


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