Kuih Kapit
Crispy Love Letter

To welcome the coming of Chinese New Year, I always very excited! Why? I get to make lots of cookies by helping my mum. I personally also love kuih kapit a.k.a crispy Chinese love letter.

If I have it while watching television, I can finish the whole bottle straight without realizing. The next day, I will suffer from sore throat. Just like having durian...

For this year, my aunt is making this authentic love letter biscuits with charcoal while roasting. In the modern days, people started to modify by using gas stove to roast the love letter, quality and taste is far far different. I personally still prefer the authentic flavor.

I'm sharing this pass down recipe from my granny to my mum and aunt. She then pass to me and I share with you... Haha...


1kg rice flour

1kg sugar

100g plain flour

1kg coconut milk

40 eggs


Kuih kapit a.k.a love letter molds (heat up together with the charcoal)

Kuih kapit a.k.a love letter batter


1. Sieve the rice flour, plain flour and sugar into a mixing bowl.

2. Lightly beat all the eggs into another mixing bowl and set aside.

3. Slowly add in the lightly beaten eggs batch by batch with well stirring until all eggs are finish.

4. Lastly, mix in the coconut milk and stir them well to make the batter. The total batter should be 4 liter, if not enough add water until 4 liter. Of course stir the batter become well blended.

5. Setup the fire with charcoal, need about 1-2 hours for setting up the baking part. Making a nice love letter required the perfect heat.

6. If it's too hot, use the wet sand to over the charcoal to subside the heat for a while. That is how the heat was control. Gas will not gives you a perfect love letter, it will produce lots of oil after a few days.

7. So, I still believe in traditional way of baking the authentic kuih kapit a.k.a love letter.

Four love letters form a round shape...


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