Fruit Cake

Whenever I go to cake shop, the first cake I look for is fruit cake! Yesterday, I went to a cake grocery shop to get some cupcake boxes. At the same time, my mum go and get another pack of mix fruits.

I tell her at home we already bought one pack, and she replied "Uncle want one whole fruit cake by himself, so she have to make more to give to others during Chinese New Year."

Then I ask her, did I get to eat?? any leftover for me?? Before baking already asking for leftover!! We all just love my mum's fruit cake. Therefore, I'm sharing the secret recipe of her fruit cake!

The mix fruits are ready bought from shop. You might need to rinse with boiling water and dried under HOT SUN for 2 days. Fruit cake needs to be done weeks earlier become consume as the longer it keeps the best it is!


10 oz butter (soften)

5 oz brown sugar

6 eggs

10 oz self-raising flour (sieved)

4 tbsp brandy

4 tbsp golden syrup

750g mix fruits (finely chopped)

2 tsp mixed spice

3 tbsp condensed milk

Here is the mix fruit after rinse and dried up. You may keep it in the fridge until you want to used them.


1. Beat butter and sugar together until it turns white. Next, add in eggs one by one into the mixer. Each egg beat for 1 minute.

2. After that, remove the mixing bowl from the mixer and add in golden syrup and mix fruits. Stir them well.

3. Mix in the flour and stir them well too. Lastly, add in the brandy.

4. Heat up 160C oven and bake for 1 hour and then lower the temperature to 150C for 40 minutes.

5. After done, in each alternate day brush 2 tbsp of brandy on top of the cake. Keep them in freezer.

6. After 2 weeks, you can enjoy your yummy fruit cake. When you remove the cake from freezer, let it defrost before cutting into bite pieces and served.


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