Century Egg Steamed Egg

When I was a little girl, I love to eat eggs as part of my meal whether it is half boil, hard boiled, fry or steam. I still recall I took 2 half boiled eggs every morning during my school days.

Now, I love steam egg as it is easy to prepare and healthier. Most people tend to mistaken that increase of egg intake will increase the cholesterol level. In actual fact, only fry egg will contribute to cholesterol level but not hard boiled, half boiled nor steam egg.

For those pregnant and breast feeding mother, don’t consume half boiled egg as the egg will contains bacteria that is harmful to your baby. To make a desirable steam eggs, you can add in other ingredients while just steam egg itself. Here are some of the ideas and recipes. For now, I would like to share the salted, century steam eggs.

This recipe is also suitable for those working mum and dad who need to prepare a favorable meal for your family. No worries, kids love eggs! Everyone loves egg. Go and try it out yourself....

1 salted egg
1 century egg (finely chopped)
3 beaten eggs
2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped, for garnishing)
100ml water
soy sauce 1/4 tsp salt to taste (optional)


1. Clean the salted egg and boiled it. Then, finely chopped it.

2. Add water into the beaten eggs. Then mix in the finely chopped salted egg and century egg and stir them well.

3. Steam the mixture of the egg for 20 minutes.

4. At the time, you may fry the chopped garlic and set aside for garnishing.


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