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Welcome to chinese-traditional-food.com. Are you asking yourself the following questions?

• Where can I get Chinese cooking recipes to cook for my family?

• I want to try out some traditional Chinese food. How?

• Where can I learn to cook Chinese food?

• Where can I find everything about Chinese cooking?

If so, you are in the right place... Congrats!

You can find tonnes of free recipes and some easy Chinese cooking methods to start off. So, don't worried and just enjoy!!! Chinese cooking is totally easy and fun. No mess, no fixed rules, all is about the joy of cooking!

Why do I say so? It is because I personally love cooking since young, standing besides my granny when she is in the kitchen gives me the satisfaction. By watching I already have a fond interest to learn. When I'm back home, whatever I see I will try it out and make a mess out of my mum's kitchen when I was just 10 years old. So, you can imagine a kid playing with wok, fire and oil??!! Isn't it dangerous? Haha...

I believe everyone can cook and love to cook. What is your favorite Chinese recipes?

Here we share everything from the types of Chinese cooking utensils to ingredients to recipes. Isn’t it great? One STOP for all!

All the recipes here are easy and already tested out. Of course you want to cook something to show off to your family, right?!

And don't forget Chinese have a lot of Chinese festivals where they served Chinese festival food during the celebration.

Chinese cooking uses a lot of different Chinese spices to spice up the food, and also Chinese sauces play an important role too. The sauce will make the food taste sweet, salty, and spicy or smell bitter but taste marvelous! This is the uniqueness of Chinese recipes.

Want to show off your favorite recipe(s)???

We will helps you create a Web page about you, your favorite recipes and your favorite photos of the dish.

What you need to do is pretty simple, just a very own interest of your knowledge and excitement about cooking, authentic and creation recipes while having fun sharing those interesting recipes.

What are you waiting for? Tell us about your favorite discovered recipe(s).

Please drop me an email if you are interested. You will be credited for your contributions and get a page of your own with personal profiles! Feedback are always welcomed to improve our site for our beloved visitors like you! Hope you having fun reading it and also found what you are looking for!

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The information on chinese-traditional-food.com website is just from my own tested recipes. If you are allergy of any food that appear in my recipes, please try to avoid taking them.

Famous Easy Chinese Recipes and Foods
Step by step pictures of easy chinese recipes which had been tried out and tasted good. Here are our favorites...
Dimsum is a favorite Chinese breakfast and snacks. It was usually serve in the morning in most Chinese restaurants.
Noodle Recipes
Get your stomach fill with authentic Chinse noodle recipes. There are many type of Chinese noodle out there for you to try!
Simple Chinese Desserts
Unforgettable simple chinese desserts is waiting for you here! It will served you the best tea break snacks...
Classic Appetizing Chinese Festival Food
All kinds of palatable Chinese festival food recipes can be found here for free. If you are looking for some Chinese New Year cookie recipes, you are in the right place! Click on it and find out more!
Scrumptious Chinese Noodles Recipe
Chinese not only eat rice as their main dish, sometimes they do make a change to noodles! You will be surprise of the luscious chinese noodles recipes here and importantly they taste awesome!
Common Chinese Spices
The secret weapon of chinese cooking is chinese spices. Here you will find out more on how to cook them...
Popular Chinese Cooking Techniques
Find out more about Chinese cooking techniques? Here, we provides all the informations and recipes too.
Basic Chinese Cooking Utensils
Proper usage of the Chinese cooking utensils will help to cook delicious Chinese food. Everything is here!
Traditional Chinese Sauces and Seasonings
How can Chinese dishes taste great without the sauces? Want to know about the magic of Chinese sauces? You are at the right place! We share the secrets here...
Typical Chinese Cooking Ingredients
Most commonly used Chinese cooking ingredients are shared here. More info of the ingredients is explained and the ways of cooking them with amazing Chinese cooking recipes are shared too!
Famous Chinese Herbs Ingredients
Famous Chinese herbs are consider Chinese medicines that uses to cure illness in a very traditional manners compare to the western drugs. Here are some commons one...
Famous Chinese Tea
Chinese tea play an important part of drink to a traditional Chinese drinks. Interested to know more about the Chinese tea culture? You are at the right place, right time! Have Fun!
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